Salsa Dealio Review Videos

Y'all know "what's the dealio, one chip, and salsa." (although, I eat about a half gallon inside the restaurant before shooting the video)

On a ten-week journey to find the best salsa on the Northshore, I have come across many different types of salsa. There has been anywhere from watery, spicy, over seasoned and "chunks." 

Here is a list of the restaurants I have tried and the scores based on the 1 to 10 "Rickdor scale"

10 Garcia's Famous Mexican Food Covington

9.2 La Carreta Mandeville

9.2 Carreta's Grill Covington

8.2 El Ranchos Mexican Grill

8.1 Mi Mamacita's New Mexican Cuisine

7.9 Habanero's Mexican Restaurant 

7.8 Georges Mexican Restaurant

7.2 Pepe's Mexican Kitchen 

6.5 Lago 

6.2 El Paso Resturant

Stay tuned for the grand finale.............

Watch the Grand Finale video!